Born in Turin (Italy), lives and works in London, UK.
I attended Art School at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Torino and at Polytechnic University of Valencia. My art sensibility was noticed by the Academy, that offered me a teaching position a few years after my graduation. Later I became a conservator of contemporary art, establishing the Triennale Museum laboratory in Milan, where I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with internationally known artists and designers. My eclectic inspiration led me to design ironic objects, presented at a personal exhibition supervised by Philippe Daverio at Fuori Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan. My accomplishments were covered by some major art journals. In 2014 I moved to London, where I have been active in the realm of luxury, crafting original and highly sophisticated artwork. For the past decade I have been working as a freelance conservator of contemporary art, working in my private studio, and attracting both public and private collectors. This experience had fostered my interest for materials and inspired my creative personal technique of painting. Today I dedicate myself to creating works of arts that convey the elegance, purity and natural beauty of my full search path.



2004 to present: Verteramo’s studio|Workshop of Design and Art production, Turin, Italy
2006 to present: collaboration with Gaetano Pesce, New York, USA
2015 March to present: materials conservator for Sotheby’s Fine Art auction, Milan
2013 to present: Museo Alessi, material specialist in plastic materials, Italy
2013 to present: Museo Kartell, material specialist in plastic materials, Italy
2015 RBinteriors, designer|maker, London, UK
2016 OfficinaCoppola, Furniture designer|maker, London,UK
2009-2011 University of Torino and GAM Museum Project “Case studies of furniture containing modern polymeric materials", Italy
2006-2009 Triennale Design Museum, QR material conservator at the Triennale Museum, Milano, Italy: Collaborations with, Frank Gehry Studio, Gaetano Pesce studio, Lucas Film- Star Wars.



Mischmasch bookcase, auction Sant’Agostino, Torino, Giugno 2016.
Maltina Chair, auction house Cornette de Saint Cyr. Paris - Lot n ° 114, 2012.



Italy: Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, Via Giovanni Giolitti 51, Turin.



Luciano Benetton,
OrientArt Fondation, private collection, Switzerland, Lugano.
B.J. Architect, Private collection, London.
BQuerelli Foundation, Park of Art, Gemi Toys design editions, Italy,



2005 Plastic materials, Master class at the Institute for Cultural Heritage, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2003 Bachelor’s degree with honours, Albertina Academy of Fine Art, Turin, Italy.
2004 Ethnology Museum of Valencia, Training post degree, conservator internship: learning conservative operations carried out by the conservator in museums, Valencia, Spain.



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